Monday, July 23, 2007

I am overthinking... (my own version)

I was thinking, over thinking
cause theres just to many scenarios to analyze
look into my eyes
cause you see my dream
please let it come true
I was thinking, over thinking
about how i'm not exactly who i wanna be
or exaclty where i wanna be
but that not your fault you see
and i can only blame me.
I was thinking, over thinking
with all i want i'll break my heart in two
more times than you could ever do.
i know you can't dissapoint me more than i do.
so let me learn to honor you.
I was thinking, over thinking
i look to myself too much
to ever listen and use you as my crutch
i gotta learn to depend
on you to the end
i was thinking, over thinking
selfish thoughts with no listening to your will
and now i know you will
give me a life of abundance
if i can just stop trying to dance
by myself. i need you to lead
and follow without stubborness.

wow i hope no one actually reads this because the "rhymes" are pathetic. i now know i will never be a songwriter... lol

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