Thursday, November 23, 2006

OKay i know this is kinda stupid considering i had a blog site and i just deleted it but i feel like i need an outlet right now.

k, so i was kinda inspired to get my own blogsite (once again) after reading some other peoples. I'm not saying that i will definately post like all the time now, because y'all know how my last blog turned out... but i dunknow, i just felt like i need a journal because lately all this stuff has just been piling up farther and farther and i need some sort of way to expel all of this built up stress. wow, my first post on my new blog site and already i sound emo. what if i am really emo at heart and i just don't know it yet. but then, that can't be because i like to wear brightish clothes and i don't cut myself.

1 comment:

katelynn said...

hunn...i'm pretty sure you're not emo.