Saturday, November 25, 2006

turth comes out, i guess

i told my dad that i broke my eye-guards. I'd love to say i did it because it was the right thing to do, but it was more of the fact that i can't pay for new ones and he was going to find out anyway when he saw me with someone else's eyeguards. there was a part of me that new i had to tell him no matter what. i think he was either too tired to really care or else he actually was trying to respect the fact that i stepped up and told him and he new that i was starting to get really stressed out. he didn't freak out or spaz. he just kinda calmy asked me how and why it happened and if i had enough money to pay for a new pair. i really hope i don't have to pay otherwise there's no way i'll have enough money for christmas presents.
i played jeff yesterday in a tourny. apparently lots of people were talking about it (i'm guessing because they wanted to see me beat him.) i lost. out of everyone in the entire tourny, besides sean, i cannot play jeff. i just get so frusterated and he always plays a really slow pace that i can't stand and just taps it to the front wall. i cannot play jeff, he is soooo frusterating. one guy said he almost put a bet that i'd win against jeff. good thing he didn't.


katelynn said...

i found your blog.

erin said...

you're a smart cookie.