Wednesday, June 27, 2007

first day of no school

i couldn't call it the first day of summer cause that's not exactly correct.
but i am officially done grade ten forever.
God thank you for summer. it's so good to have a whole season to just not think and not worry about what's going on. I pray that i would use this time to focus on you and be quiet with you. help me not to waste my time this summer. time is a precious gift and i need to learn to use a lot better and learn to focus on furthering your kingdom. let me see spirits thirsting after you and not simply waste my time on having fun. God you are good and you've giving me so much. i pray that with everything that you've given me, i could learn to honor you in every moment of everyday. let my lifesong sing to you. let my heart be clean and move only at your calling. help me know how to honor you and give me an authentic heart. humble me daily if i am not following your path. i want to follow you. give me guidance. help me be honest with those around me. give me wisdom.

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