Sunday, June 10, 2007

me being hypocritical

God, i know you are a God of mercy. have mercy on me. forgive me for being hypocritical. i can't believe how stupid it was for me to think i could speak/ preach to someone when i myself, haven't dealt with the exact thing i was trying to "preach" about. God forgive me for my unlove. tell me if there's a way to make it right. tell me if theres something i need to do. You've told us from the beginning to love others. and that's what i need to do. but you've also told us, that we need to be your hands and feet and God, you've convicted me in that i need to act with love. please, before i preach, let me examine my own life from now on. please make me humble to listen and not just think i can somehow be a teacher without listening to the words of The Teacher. Guard my heart from thinking evil about another person. a person that you created and you love. Guard my mouth from saying evil. Please let me be a light into dark places and convict me in my sin.
i pray that you would also convict others in their gossiping. we need to learn to love. if we can't figure that out but we somehow think we're still qualified to preach to others about God's love- God, we are such hypocrites. Make us understand your love and be able to show it. God, you have so much love to give.
I also pray that we as woman of intergrity could guard our hearts against giving into daydreaming or giving away to much of our hearts. what chet said today about being single, God, i think that would be important for a lot of us to hear. we NEED to understand that only you complete us. only you can give us satisfaction and love that we need. God, you know who i'm praying for specifically. she needs to realize your love is sufficient. she needs you to shake her from her boy crazy ways. i pray that you would surround her with boys of intergrity that wouldn't prey on this weakness. i pray that the boys in her life would lift her into a deeper realtionship with you. i pray that if there's something i need to say or do to show her that she's going down a tough path, that i would rely on you to give me the words. But before i do, please convict me if i'm going to end up being a hypocrite once again
God i pray for myself in this aspect. you know i've asked you to take away this burden. But God, if i'm supposed to struggle through this, if this is something you've placed in my life to test me, God, praise be to you for your plan. I ask for strength and the ability to focus on you without distractions. i trust your will. i lift these things to you. i know you have the power.
bless my mexico girls and even my boys. bless the people of the youth group this summer and help us use or time to focus on you. give us strength against temptations and give us patience with each other and other people as well. Go before us in our days. Amen.

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