Monday, August 13, 2007

more from the wedding night

Psalm 139- (MOV- my own version)
"O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.
you know if i'm sitting or standing.
you know my thoughts from afar- in distance and in time
you know all my actions
and you know all my ways and how i act
before i've said anything, you know exactly what words are going to be on my tongue, O Lord
you go behind me and before me
you have laid your hands upon me
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me
i am to in awe of it to understand it completely
Where can i go that will be away from your spirit?
where can i run to away from your presence?
if i go to the heavens, you are there
if i go down to the depths, you are there
if i try to hide myself at dawn
if i try to move across the oceans
you will always be where i am and you will always guide me
your right hand will securely hold me up
If i say, surely God will not go into the darkness to try to find me
and no light will come to me and save me from darkness."
even the darkness of sin will be cast out and the light of holiness will remain to sting our eyes
for even darkness is light to you.
You created every part of my body and spirit
your hands put me together in my mothers womb from the day i was conceived
i thank you because your hands made me beautifully. (you made me beautiful, God)
everything you do, you make wonderfully, I know this full well
my frame was not hidden from you when i was made in the secret place
when i was woven together, your eyes saw my unformed body
you care enough about everyone one of my days to write them down in your book even before they came to be
How precious are your thoughts to me, O God! (i want to know them all)
How many thoughts you have, that if they were counted, they would outnumber the grains of sand
When i awake, i am with you and you are still with me."
Be with me when i wake up and tell me the clothes i need to take off.

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