Tuesday, November 06, 2007

on the same subject as two posts ago.

k, i read this a while ago and i'm wondering if it has to do with cutting or something totally
"do not cut your bodies for the dead... I am the Lord." Leviticus 19:28
i mean if it does have to do with cutting, wouldn't that be insane? espicially since it hasn't been huge until this generation. if something has been in the bible for so long that hasn't really affected any other generation before us in a huge way and then suddenly, we found it wouldn't that be amazing that God has something specific to say to our generation. or maybe i'm totally insanely off and its talking about somethign totally different. i need your opinions and wisdom on this one, please shed some light.


Kristen said...

Hi Erin.

Good question. I think the most important thing in reading scripture is understanding the culture of the time. While I am not completely versed in ancient Hebrew history (or the cultures surrounding the Hebrews), what we know of Leviticus is it is, by nature, a book of laws that help the Jewish people stand out from those around them. If you recall the story of the prophet Elijah (I Kings 18:1-39), you'll remember that Jezebel's prophets cut themselves in an effort to get Baal to respond and light the altar on fire. All in all, I think cutting was considered a pagan tradition (whether in mourning for others or in an effort to get their gods' attention--pagans used blood in many of their religious practices), the same with tattoos (tattooing in many cultures is associated with pagan life). The Hebrews were called to be set apart for God and thus were to refrain from such things so they could stand out as God's chosen people. However, the laws were often taken to an extreme and became a religious road block to God (hence the coming of Christ and the admittance of gentiles to the Kingdom).

Hope that helps!

enji said...

*whistles* hmm, that does help and it gives some perspective.
ur smart krissy-ten!!! i love you