Saturday, November 17, 2007


Every so often, when i see a sunrise- the way the sunlight splits the clouds and rains down its glory on the world, i stop and smile. i see Jesus in that sunrise- the way his glory is so visable in the rays of golden beauty but hes still so far above us hidden by the clouds- mysterious in his ways. I see you coming to earth and showing off a part of how glorious heaven is gonna be and i can't wait to dance with you daddy. I can't wait for your arms to be around me. Your beauty brings a smile to my face and my heart is full with joy. And then i realize that this small glimpse of our glory is nothing compared to the beauty of the real deal. Its so fun to sit with you. Its so good to know that you love me more than i could ever imagine. Its so good to know that you will never let me down. that you will never break my heart. That you will be forever enough for me. Even if every so often i want something more-to stray from the path you've set for me; it's good to know that you will fullfill me. that you will fill me. that you will be enough for me. that you are all i need.
All i need is you. You are too beautfil for my comprehension and my soul delights in the promise that you will be with me always. you will always stand beside me and hold my hand.
That's why i love sunrises, they remind me that every day is new, every day is full of your glory, and everyday is another day that i get to hold onto your hand and skip along the path while you watch me with adoring eyes. I know you smile when i reach for you hand. I trust you God.
Lead me down the path you have and hold my hand daddy. I can't wait to see you face to face. i can't wait to go home. Thank you for holding my hand
and thank you for the sunrises

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