Monday, December 17, 2007

falling in love, once again.

These past couple weeks have been rough. and i know that just about everyone around me is feeling the same way. but i kept on praying through it and God is faithful and gracious.

Yesterday, was amazing. it was one of those joy days again. the entire day, from start to finish was filled with His glory. and He just filled up my day with blessing after blessing.

Nothing huge happened, but as soon as i woke up, i had this feeling inside of me that it was going to be a really good day. I cranked up Starfield while i was getting changed. I LOVE STARFIELD!! I love the heart they have for worship and the brokeness, honesty, and beauty in their lyrics. And then i woke jeff up, yelling something like, "Jeffy, wake up, the sun is shining and its a beautiful day!!"

And then i got ready for sunday school and made sure that the goody mugs that my mommy helped me make were all ready to go. I got there like 20 mins early to hopefully get a little more set up and some of my girls started coming in like 10 minutes early. Almost all of my girls- bless their little hearts- brought me presents and cards. they were awesome!! i got a 5$ tim hortons gift certificate and a piece of brownie from Rianne, a tin of gourmet toffee from Ashley, and a set of hot chocolate flavoured Shower gel, bath salt and bath confetti in a really nice mug from Sophie. I LOVE MY GIRLS- THEY ARE SOOOO SWEET!!!! We went and had cake with the 5/6 boys which was really cute because my girls all thought the boys were really gross. i love them, in their innocence. I gotta pray that they keep that for a while longer- not wanting boys- makes me happy! and then we went back to our room and played Christmas version of Jeopardy- (it was hard coming up with all the questions though). and the winning team got this huge tube of smarties- seriously, it was massive. and then i passed out their goody mugs and we had a hug fest- which i always love!!

And then there was church and it was a pretty good service, but the best part was the "altar call/response" at the end of the service. Wes went up and God was like- you should go up and pray with Him and as soon as i was kneeling there, i felt like four hands on my back- my mexico sisters- BLESS THEIR HEARTS. and we prayed. and when Pastor Leyton first asked us to come up during the song I was praying that one girl from the audience would go up and after i was done praying with Wes, i looked up and she was at the front surrounded with a whole bunch of my Sn. high family. and then after we were kind of done more officially done, Robyn was like, i need to talk to you, and man- she encouraged me so hardcore. it was awesome! i love her.

And then i went christmas shopping with my brother and my sister. i was the only one who bought anything, and i knew exactly what i wanted to buy so it didn't take very long. we went to my brother's house, had some mac and cheese and watched some 2 fast 2 furious tokyo drift and then immediately went out driving which was not the smartest thing...

and then i got home, watched a christmas movie with my mommy, had a big Ham supper adn fruitcake- yay!,watched another christmas movie with some hot chocolate and then i decide to have a bath with the new hot chocolate flavoured bath stuff- it smelt soooo good!! Trent lent me Leeland and i brought my diskman and my bible and just read, and listened to the music and let the hot chocolate smelling water soothe me.

and that time, listening to leeland and reading my bible, i was beyond happy. i couldn't stop smiling and thanking God for such an awsome day. and he kept on saying, i love you. he kept on reminding me that he's enough. He kept on saying, i chose you- i chose to pull you out from the ashes of this world to make you my bride. and i love you so much more than any earthly husband could. You are beautiful, because i made you and i'm proud of you. I love you Erin. more than you'll ever know.

I can't believe I'm lucky enough to know him, never mind be deeply loved by him. I can't believe a King chose me to be his princess, his bride, i can't believe that he loves me. I am human- not even worthy of his love. But in his BEAUTIFUL grace and his amazing love- he lifted me to my feet and put his arms around me.

Can't Stop by Leeland
I can’t believe You’re here close to me
It’s getting hard to stand
But I don’t want to leave
Your beauty stands out
Like a bright light shining through the clouds
It’s overwhelming just to be with You now
I can’t stop, I can’t stop falling in love with You
I can’t stop, I can’t stop falling in love with You
Your love is in my heart tonight (yes, I know)
I can’t stop, I can’t stop falling in love with You
I’m in love with You
In this space and time
You touch my soul
I can’t escape Your love for me
So You take control
Your spirit surrounds me
Close enough to catch me when I fall
I can’t escape Your love for me
I surrender all
You’ve risen like the sun
Darkness fades with the dawn
You are the radiant one
And You give me light
Your love is in my heart tonight
Your love is in my heart tonight
I can’t stop, I can’t stop falling in love with You
I can’t stop, I can’t stop falling in love with You

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katelynn said...'s your song! as soon as i heard that song, i was like IT IS ERIN. i have the cd, and everytime i hear that song i think of you. glad you had a good sunday.

that girl? i was praying for her too. i don't know why, i don't know who she is, but i look at her every sunday and pray for her. not really sure why, i've never even talked to her. and i have no idea what god did for her on sunday. but he must be doing something, there's people praying for her, and you know what happens when people pray...